Privacy policy for Speed Camera Europe – based mobile applications

You are probably reading this page because you’re using a mobile application that was generated using Speed Camera Europe, the online mobile applications builder. This privacy policy for mobile applications is a generic document for those generated applications, and not specific to the application you may currently be using or planning to install.

Please understand that Speed Camera Europe is a generator that shares the same code base for all the derivated mobile applications. Some requirements are generic (i.e. requesting use of the camera) but may not be necessarily be actually used by the application you are using. Instead, we may usually make you feel that we ask for a lot of information/permissions, but we actually use less than that. This happens because we are not able to know in details which feature is used or not in which generated application, therefore we ask for all possible permissions to make sure every generated application will work.

What information do we collect?

We collect information in a few different ways:

When you provide it manually in the application:

When the mobile application asks you to provide a login or any other personal information, or wants to pick a picture from your library. The information is then stored on our servers, or on the application owner’s servers.


We set and use cookies for analytics and ads. We read your device ID to uniquely identify your application. We store logs to track potential issues and generate statistics.

How do we use the information we collect?

We use the information we collect to provide our products to you and make them better, and check that everything works well. We also use it for statistics purpose, to see how many users use the generated mobile applications.

Speed Camera Europe never uses the information you manually provide in apps, such as when you fill a form with your email address and other information. We simply store this information for the application owner to be able to access it.

How does the application owner use information he collects?

Every application is specific in this case, and only the application owner can tell what he does with the information. Nevertheless, the scope of information received by application owners is limited to your device ID, and to the information you manually provide.

What choices do you have about your information?

You can ask the application owner to delete any information about you by contacting him through the support email address that you can find either on Google Play.