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Speed camera safetycam.ov2 for Copilot

You can download for free on this site updated fixed speed cameras database for Copilot. The file is named safetycam.ov2 and just need to be placed in you smartphones. You need of course to have Copilot installed on the devices.

Coverage : Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, …

Update : Monthly… Read the rest

Descargar Radares Gratis

Se puede descargar en esta página un gran número de radares o cámaras de seguridad para su GPS. La base de datos de radares puede ser utilizado para el GPS incorporado (como Nissan, Mercedes, Volkswagen, …) o de navegador GPS portátil (como TomTom , Garmin , …). Países y tipo de cámara incluidos: Casi todos… Read the rest

Volkswagen Speed camera download

Free-speed-cam-updates profide a free and accurate database update for GPS RNS510 / RNS-510. These files works with at least these GPS or cars from the Volkswagen group : Discover media, Skoda Amundsen MIB 2, Seat Media System, Discover-Pro 2, Columbus 2 Coverage : Belgium: 1904 POIs, Switzerland: 638 POIs, Germany: 3844 POIs, Spain: 1510 POIs,… Read the rest

Speed cameras for Garmin

Safety camera updates for Garmin with more than 3500 speed camera for France, 1900 Speed cameras for Belgium, 5200 speed cameras for Britain, 1500 from Spain, 4100 for Italia and other countries. This is one of the most accurate database in Europe. This files are being updated on a monthly basis. To download the safety… Read the rest