Speed Camera Database for Nissan Connect

Free-speed-cam-updates offer for free one of the most accuate and up-to-date speed camera database in Europe. These files can be used for updating Speed cameras on Nissan Connect GPS.

Coverage :

  • Belgium: 1904 POIs
  • Switzerland: 638 POIs
  • Germany: 3844 POIs
  • Spain: 1510 POIs
  • France: 3516 POIs
  • Great Britain: 5234 POIs
  • Italy: 4185 POIs
  • Luxembourg: 20 POIs
  • Pays-bas: 3713 POIs
  • Portugal: 667 POIs
  • Sweden: 1056 POIs

This files are being updated on a monthly basis.

To download the safety camera database for GARMIN on the download page.

How to install Safety camera on NISSAN Connect :

  • To transfer the data from the PC to your navigation device you require a USB stick of with a minimum capacity of 50MB.
  • Create a route folder on the USB stick called myPOIs and in this folder a subfolder called myPOIWarnings (x:\myPOIs\myPOIWarnings).
  • The downloaded CSV files must go into this subfolder.
  • Connect the USB to the navigation device. The device will automatically recognize the data on the USB and show you a popup screen to download the file to the device (download/cancel) .
  • Press download and see a “progress bar” running. After the files have transferred to the device you can unplug the USB

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